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There are many benefits to hiring a pressure cleaning professional but the following is a short list of them:

1.) Have the job done correctly by a professional with the know how to avoid causing damage to the surfaces being cleaned.

2.) A good pressure cleaning company will use industrial strength machinery not available to the average consumer which means more effective cleaning of your surfaces.

3.) Professional pressure cleaning saves you time, hassle and $$$!  If you are using rented machines or even own a prosumer grade machine, you will never be able to match the cleaning power of a professional cleaner and it may take you days to complete a job that a professional could do in hours.  In combination with proper chemical application a professional cleaning will last many times longer as well.

4.) Enhanced curb appeal and usability of your outdoor spaces.  Be proud of your home when you pull in the driveway or bring that grungy patio or pool area that you haven’t been using back to being your favorite gathering place.

5.) Perhaps most importantly, removing and killing the mold, mildew and algae that are making your surfaces appear dirty.  These organisms cause many people to have allergies and can make some people very sick.

6.) Increased longevity of the surfaces being cleaned.  Mold, mildew and algae are growing on your surfaces because they have a food source…it may be your paint on the walls or the limestone fillers in your roof tiles.  If the surfaces are not regularly cleaned, plan on repainting your house and replacing your roof sooner than you would have otherwise had to.