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While the mold spore count has been quite high this year, if you have an unusual amount of mold growth around your home you may consider inspecting your trees for the recently introduced invasive Rugose Spiraling Whitefly.  These whiteflies like Palms trees (particularly coconut palms) but will infest many other types of trees and plants as well.  Once taking up residence on your property they will drop a shiny and sticky honey-like substance which mold will grow on within days (not to mention they’ll stifle your plant’s leaf growth).  If you are suffering from this problem you should first contact a pest control company to treat your trees and then contact Aces High Pressure Cleaning to clean up the aftermath of these pests.  Many pest control companies seem to be price gouging to rid their customers of these pests so please beware (we understand that $40-50 per tree is considered reasonable and maybe a little bit more if your trees are sizable).  You can rest assured knowing that Aces High Pressure Cleaning will provide top notch cleanup services at a fair price after one of these infestations so why not request a free quote now?